Sunny Leone always has to be in the news, no matter what. It’s not a bad thing, but most of the times she grabs the headlines for wrong reasons, which is very sad.

The actress, is the brand ambassador of a popular condom brand is raising the mercury level further with her latest ad campaign.

The commercial features a sari clad Sunny Leone, who is seducing her partner as the song Man kyun behaka re behaka plays in the background. This two minute long advertisement is extremely sexy, there is no doubt about that. And that is the good part of this whole story.

Bad part is that a small wing of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in Goa has got issues with it and the members of the group have asked to remove the ads from buses and other public spaces, as according to them such ads serve as a source of embarrassment for women. Yep! Instead of concentrating on issues like the education of girl child and sexual harassment on women, people are more interested in getting these ads removed, which by the way is a means to promote safe sex, if you please. Clearly, we live in a country if misplaced priorities.

And this non-sense reached to a new level when a senior leader of Communist Party of India (CPI) Atul Anjan, has recently said that Sunny Leone’s condom advertisements will lead to a rise in the number of rapes in India.

Anyway, while such leaders continue to inspire facepalms, check out the video that has sparked a controversy in Sunny’s life yet again.

Sunny Leone : Man kyun Behaka re Behaka – Hot Condom ad